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  1. Alice gives Phoebe permission to name one of the triplets, and Joey and Chandler beg Phoebe to pick one of them to use their names. Rachel's plans with Joshua are jeopardized when his parents cut a vacation short. Ross thinks Emily is becoming a lesbian when she starts spending time with Susan
  2. writed by Marta Kauffman, David Crane
  3. Genre Romance
  4. scores 728562 Votes
  5. Actors Matt LeBlanc

Regina did instergram and you love it. When Lindsay gave her the necklace, i was like AWW the necklace: “mOtHer And DauGHter”. The only bad thing about this is that they've cut it to say You're over me? instead of You're over me? when were you, under me.


Imagine being that beauty! OMG 😍.

No homo, Justin be lookin cute in this video

Sannna my name is tommygamesgo please trade me. Why does Netflix post a friends video every time Im going to study. 2:50 nos ven niños :v Por si acaso no estoy criticando algo malo. Woww! I felt that💯. I can't explain to you how much I love this show. Friends is one of the best things to ever happen to television. The cast is outstanding and the characters are well thought out. There aren't many episodes I don't like. I can honestly tell you that I don't hate any episodes. There are only a small few, probably seven, that I don't love, only like. That's how good the show is. I love everything about it. It is one of my all-time favorite TV shows.
You have to know how good it is. It went for ten seasons which is a lot longer than most comedy's. The only comedy's that have come close, that I've seen are: How I Met Your Mother – Nine Seasons, Full House – Eight Seasons, The Big Bang Theory is currently airing Season 8, and has been renewed for Season 9 and 10. The Simpsons has been going for twenty- six seasons, but that's a cartoon, so it's different. Family Guy has been going for thirteen seasons and American Dad has been going for ten seasons, but both are cartoons. So when you think about it, not many survived that long.
This show centers of six friends, who are living in New York City. We see them fall and rise. We see them love. We see them get married and have babies. We see them break down. We see them go through money and job struggles. We see them reach their goals and dreams. And we see them get happy ever afters.
Here's a run down of who every character is, and what happens to them in the show.
Monica: Is an uptight cleaning freak, but is very lovable. Her catchphrase, I know! is hilarious. She is a chef and has trouble talking at a low volume. She is Ross's sister, and Rachel's high school friend. She dates a few people during the show, including Richard and Pete, but mostly dates her brothers best friend, Chandler. They get married, and end up adopting twins at the end of the show.
Chandler: Is a goofy, funny guy who has an job, we don't really know what. He lived with Joey, his best friend, and he uses comedy as a defense mechanism. He dates a few people throughout the show, including Janice, then settles down with Monica.
Joey: Is a silly, hilarious man, who loves to eat and is an actor. He's a ladies man, and his catchphrase, How you doin. gets him into a lot of beds. He lived with Chandler for a few years, and then with Rachel for another few. He ends up falling in love with Rachel, but they don't end up together.
Phoebe: Is a free spirit with a silly personality. She is a masseuse, and doesn't date any of the main characters. She gets very emotional about things, like a mouse dying, and always plays her guitar and wacky songs at Central Perk. She eventually marries Mike.
Rachel: Was a stuck-up rich girl, who tried to live like a normal person. She worked at Central Perk for a few years, then at Bloomingdales and ended up at Ralph Lauren. She dates Ross on-again, off-again for several years. After on hookup, she gets pregnant, and they have a baby together, Emma. They accidentally get married in Vegas whilst drunk and they get a divorce. She ends up moving to another country at the end of the show.
Ross: Is an annoying character, to me anyway. He's a paleontologist. He married a lesbian, which he didn't know. They had a son, Ben. He, his ex-wife, and his ex-wife's current wife, all raise Ben together. He got married to Emily, but accidentally said Rachel's name at the wedding, so that ended things quick. He has a baby with Rachel and they raise her together.
My favorite character is actually a tie, between Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. They are all hilarious, I love them all. But for some reason, I don't like Rachel that much. I absolutely hate Ross. He's a pain in my ass. Everything he says is pretentious. And he's so rude. When he got evicted and moves into Chandler and Joey's apartment, he keeps telling them to be quiet in their own house. Ugh.
Throughout the show we see many relationships. Ross and Rachel are always on-again, off- again. Monica and Chandler end up dating, getting married, and at the end of the series, adopting twins. Phoebe marries a non-main cast member. Joey never really ended up with anyone, but that is okay.
I love the amount of room changes. They're too many to type, with the word limit, but believe me, there's a lot of them
My brain is just going crazy with all of this Friends knowledge and trivia. And I can't get it all out. So, you've read a synopsis
my opinion, and random trivia. I think that's all you can take, right now.
If you haven't watched Friends by now, you need to. Come on, it's twenty years old, how have you not? Get a copy and watch it now. That's an order. br> Overall, I give this show a 10 out of 10.

A group of people from different background and classes were brought to an isolated island by a mysterious organization called "FF". They were told only 1 people can leave this island of them were kidnapped by FF, some of them were attracted by FF's bounty game FF treats everybody as a tester, hypnotize them, brainwash them and genetically modified them. These testers have lost most of their memories and only a few pieces ever, these are not important. There is only one target for all of them: stay alive!

This scammers they are very convincing ooo no matter how clever you are they can get you were they want heart ok Zion. True fans know how old this song is.

A wise person once said Oh My GoD


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The can move I taught they put super glue on themselves and attached themselves to each other. Ryan: places +2 Will: I T S N O T E V E N F U N N Y.

The Friends characters & the People on the couch Look alike

What about the part in the episode where no ones ready where Joey puts on all of Chandler's clothes 😂. Hi slogo ! Keep going ur the best. You never backed Whitney, Lauren Hill, Michael Jackson, Or even Cosby. Also how r there already 10 dislikes? Meh. Haters must have notifications on. I love Janice so much. I honestly thought she was pretty hot too. They always had great timing with her. 😂🤷🏾‍♂️.




Publisher - Joana Alexis Araùjo
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