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Columnist: Park Chorong

Average Rating: 8,2 of 10 Star. Directed by: Ladj Ly. resume: Brigadier Stéphane Ruiz is a young and light-heartened cop who moves to Paris to be closer of his little son after the divorce of his wife. Working in the impoverished suburb of Montfermeil, in the 93th district, where Victor Hugo wrote his famous 1862's novel "The Miserables", Ruiz joins the local Anti-Crime Brigade, being paired with veterans but unscrupulous colleagues Chris and Gwada, who are charged with the task to train Ruiz about the way Montfermeil's works and the people to meet. However, his first day in Montfermeil twists in bad way when the owner of a circus and his men meet where drug-lord Le Maire ("The Mayor") claiming for a stolen baby lion a few hours ago, blaming him by the theft. Avoiding a fight between Le Maire and circus' owner, the three cops patrol the hood looking for the animal, learning that a troubled kid named Issa is the thief, who stolen to have it as pet. But when Ruiz, Chris and Gwada locate Issa to recover the baby lion, Issa's friends attempt to liberate him from the cops. With the situation out of control, Gwada shots a rubber ball just when Issa tried to escape and hits him in the face, just in the moment that all they realize that a drone of a boy named Buzz recorded all the incident. Patrolling around, Chris and Gwada locate Buzz and start a prosecution to catch him after to learn that drone's card is gone. Hiding in a downstairs, Buzz escapes from Chris and runs to ask refuge to Salah, a Kebab's owner and leader of the each time more powerful Muslim brotherhood in the hood. While Issa's friends run to advise Le Maire about the drone and the record, Ruiz, Chris and Gwada moves where Le Pince ("The Clamp"), a bar's owner in addition to Le Maire's rival and Chris' partner in business, looking for help, at the same time that Ruiz goes to a pharmacy to heal Issa's hurts. But when a confident alerts about Buzz's location, Le Maire, the cops and Le Pince meet at the same time at Salah's local claiming by the card, not measuring the consequences of their acts. . writer: Alexis Manenti. 2019.


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View Trailer Share on: Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 4. 5 / 5 stars 79% 69% Read Less Released Year: 2012 Cast & Crew Jean Valjean Inspector Javert Fantine Cosette Marius Pontmercy Madame Thénardier Thénardier Éponine Enjolras Gavroche Young Cosette Young Éponine Bishop of Digne Gillnormande Montparnasse Madame Baptistine Madame Magloire Fauchelevent Bamatabois Brevet Director Producer Information for Parents Excellent film adaptation of gritty, heartbreaking musical. Read More.

Watch online les miserables 2018. 3:36 when you open the fridge and see that someone ate your food Jokes aside, great acting from Anne Hathaway. Watch les miserables online stream. Watch Online Les miserables. Watch Online les miserables. Emotion overload felt... Watch online movie les miserables. Watch Online Les misÃrables.

On s'emballe pour pas grand chose. Watch free online les miserables. Watch Online Les misérables les. Les Miserables has plenty of points to make, and while it inevitably fails on some and perhaps even on the main intended theme, the story is told with sufficient honesty to mostly work. The first half of the film is a slice of life movie of the life of a cop in an impoverished French slum, while the second half gets into its bigger political ideals. Ly clearly has vision and strong storytelling skills, as information is communicated with minimal exposition, and the pace is swift. There is some ambiguity in how good or helpful the characters in the movie are, particularly Greaser. We get a sense for what life is like living in the slums, but not a sense of what any of the boys are actually like. The second half dives deeper into its grander ideas, and one main point is made effectively, while many fall short. To me, the main theme of the movie was that absolute power absolutely corrupts, which is why accountability is essential for police officers, who are supposed to uphold the law. This is obviously personified by Chris, but also represented in the gradual use of force in the other two cops. With the quote from Les Mis at the end and the grand finale he has, I think Ly was going for a story of simmering tension between cops and unhappy citizens, until the shot was the last straw and the people rebel. There wasn't enough build for me in terms of the people's dissatisfaction and resentment towards the cops for this to really be effective. The main performance by the actor playing Greaser could've been much better, as he didn't really convey any emotion to me. It's a strange ending, especially with the quote about people not being good or bad but being cultivated, cause that really doesn't come across the rest of the movie. I do like the way the story is told visually and think it's an engaging plot and premise, but just don't think most of the ideas fully cohere. Decent film, but if my suspicions about Portrait are right, France probably made the wrong call on its Oscar nominee.

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Watch online les mis c3 tables review. Chairman Kaga can sing! Ala cuisine. Les miserables 1998 watch online. Watch online les miserables 2012. This is my favourite version of this song. Listening to this brings back the scenes as if I'm watching it again. I'm loving this video. I'm trying to educate myself about all the amazing Broadway musicals out there and the Broadway performers. My only wish is that the names of the performers and which musical the song they're singing is from were indicated throughout.

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