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Release year 2019; Duration 1 h 54 m; ; country Israel; creators Rachel Leah Jones; Directed by Philippe Bellaiche. Respect Hard. How relaxing it is to listen to a true human being as we are all intended to be. Respect and the greatest admiration Lea Tsemel. I know there are many jewish people with your moral ethics. My dearest friend in London of 60 years is one of the humanist. So many I love and admire. When also sick to my stomach when I see Netanyahu & and his wife. His type are also everywhere. It has nothing to do with Race Colour or Religion. But all to do with ( I follow no laws, I have no morals, I take what i want no matter the cost to others. No one is more important than myself. Will Steal. Lie. Kill obtain wealth and power.

Respect this kind of people who protect Palestinian ☺ Hope more people like this. Support Palestine doesn't mean you hate jews because actually many jews support Palestine. Same old, same old and nothing changes, the killing and the theft carry on. The majority of the world knows the truth about the ISRAHELL government and the concentration camps(camp Gaza, Camp Westbank )that have been in active use longer than all of Hitlers concentration camps during WW2. At least one person can see what Jews are allowing to happen. You treat the animal, like an animal. The Palestinians have not voted for a reformation of their government, for SIXTY years. Give me a break about them being the victims.

I had a huge crush on her in 1984. Absolutely.

Even Jesus is ashamed to be a Jew now. 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️

Yes for justice and equality. I can't wait to see this documentary in America. BISMILAHIROHMANNIROHIM. KESELAMATAN HANYA UNTUK ORANG - ORANG YANG MENGIKUTI PETUNJUK ALLAH... ALLAHUMMA SHURR MUJAHIDINNA FI PALESTINE ALLA YAHUDI GHOSIDIN. AAMIIN YAA RABB. And the remnant of the Philistines will perish Amos 1 8 this prophecy was fulfilled long time ago the Palestinians simply don't exist today.

Lea, THANK YOU for your example. through your courageous actions and by showing the world what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people. Imagine if Republicans did the same to blacks and minorities? Oh wait they kind of do in dog whistle racism. I want a WW3. I am really tired of watching humans torturing earth and its species. Democracy now is one of the best news in the world. But about this clip, i should say it's too hard for me to believe z~i~o~s. Because their government made a bad name for all of them. People around the world can't believe them anymore because they have a leader like satanyahu. All of their leaders have kept killing innocent people and they've bullied everybody, Since ww2 till right now. Even here in US, u can see soros supporting democrats and sheldon supporting republicans. Its been decades they've played dirty games with american people. Besides, they own all famous US medias included cnn, fox news, cbs, nbc, msnbc and abc.

I am with israel.


Palestinians use terrorism for their political gain and hide weapons and missiles in schools and hospitals, cowards.

Hurrah for human decency🍃❣🍃

Tell the so-called Palestinians to shut up and go home. Modi wont be happy watching this... Free the Palestinians much for Palestine in South Africa. Wonderful human being. I consider my self a libertarian and I think its absolutely repugnant that we have politicized so many issues... Such as this one. Israel is not our friend, have the republicans really forgotten the uss liberty. 9/11. Oh wait, many republicans (and democrats) were also complicit on 9/11... Israel has done us and so many others dirty for far too long! I really wish we could stop being so polarized by the powers that be, we are all one people and they want us divided not united! So many are falling into the trap... Wake up! We need to fly together, for if we continue down this road of left vs right, and everyone in between must choose a side, we will surely fall as a people and as a nation.

16:47. The ruling murderers condemned this film? I condemned the film Exodus when it was released by the U.S. Zionist film makers in 1960. I was still in high school and I was aware of the atrocity of invading Palestine to establish a state for Eastern European, European, U.S., and other Zionists spread throughout the world, because the Torah (or other Zionist interpreted fable said it's their land.

What astounds me is the outrage over a blameless comment by a Member of Congress but the lack of coverage and concern over the disgraceful behaviour of the Israeli government. Brought up in the generation disgusted by the persecution of Jews in WW2 the realisation that Israelis are perpetuating such vileness on others has been heart wrenching. I fail to understand how the world cannot see just as with domestic violence victims become perpetrators. According to the Scriptures Gaza is Palestinian property. I question that everytime there is a rocket(s) exiting Gaza, does this mean absolutely it was fired off by those living there.

Israel is now emulating the Nazis

John Wick approves this propaganda.


Nobody cares. This are the white jews whe dont have whit people in middle east. Who are the nazi's now lol.


Publisher: Nora Lee Mandel
Biography: Film critic; Member, NY Film Critics Online and Alliance of Women Film Journalists; authentic Jewish mother monitoring the image of Jewish women in movies & TV




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