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9 of 10 stars Genre: Drama USA casts: Luna Lauren Velez Release Date: 2019.

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Windows on the world free download version. Is this postumous honored? I would: he should be! What a story... I was fortunate to have some written conversations with an Egyptologist who wrote a book. She said Akhenaten was not a monotheist. Other gods still existed though later in his reign he seems to have tried to suppress them. Some religious studies have said before Judaism people bargained with the gods, asked favours, made sacrifices and promises and hoped for positive results. Judaism was the first religion that offered a two way relationship with one god. There was a covenant, an agreement between this god and the people. Christianity was the first religion that required certain beliefs, that told followers what to believe, in order to join the group. All that said, Atenism as I understand it, was the belief in the supremacy of Aten, the disk of the sun, which was manifest THROUGH Pharaoh Akhenaten and his royal family. For the people to approach Aten they had to go through pharaoh. This is easy to understand considering the tradition that pharaohs were descended from gods, were gods on earth and became gods in the afterlife. Aten in the Atenism of Akhenaten, though pictured with life giving rays and caressing hands, did not have a covenantal relationship with the people or any direct relationship at all. I do find similarities between the Hymn to the Aten, supposedly written by Akhenaten, and psalms from the Bible. (That is, if the Hymn to the Aten is accurately translated. There are all kinds of made up quotes ascribed to Akhenaten available online and it seems they are all made up.) However all that sorts out I see no problem with Hebrew biblical writing resembling Egyptian texts. As archaeology and scholarship advances we may learn about a fascinating connexion with these adjoining lands. For many historic reasons it makes sense that Moses was part of the Hyksos expulsion. It is thought the Hyksos were Cananites largely settled in northern Egypt near the Nile Delta. It would make sense that from the Exodus side of events a story of slavery, repression, abuse and triumph would develop rather than Pharaoh and his armies ran us out of the land. But then there are claims that Moses was adopted into the royal family, could have been pharaoh or was pharaoh, etc. What does all this mean in a culture where brothers and sisters married to keep pure the bloodline that descended from gods? Would such people adopt a baby found floating in the river? Modern science may or may not have identified Akhenaten's remains. It is thought King Tut's father has been identified by DNA and his mother also. Tut's parents were brother and sister. Probably. There was such close inbreeding it is hard to decipher the whole.) So it would make sense, I think, that Moses may have been connected to the Cananite Hyksos rulers. I cannot equate Moses to Akhenaten though it has always been tempting to think Moses was influenced by Atenism. I think the more we understand, the farther apart we will see the two.

Windows on the World free download android. Only played at movie festivals at this time (unfortunately) Windows on the World is a great movie that will appeal to many of us. It is well written, new in perspective and very moving.
Along with Burning, it is the best movie that I have watched so far this year. "I'm a bloody ninja. " Bio: A British mutant telepath born into a magical lineage, Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock's life was bound for weirdness from birth. Though she utilized her telepathic talents for the government shortly before serving as the hero Captain Britain in her brother's stead, it was with the X-Men that Betsy found her true destiny and her greatest tragedies. Betsy's mind was swapped into the body of a Japanese assassin known as Kwannon and infused with her memories. Betsy suffered from existential crises in the aftermath, and was only further traumatized by several experiences with death that would change her forever. Constantly struggling to be a better person despite the darkness of her past, Betsy most recently returned to her original body and her role as Captain Britain. Powers/Skills: Psionic Weaponry Telekinesis Telepathy Ninja training Notes: Psylocke's body and powers go through several transformations throughout her history, many of which overlap, are inconsistently portrayed, and are greatly subject to interpretation. For a more nuanced guideline for how to separate feats, see the comments. The main post tries to focus primarily on how Psylocke typically fights or can be used. For weirder and rarer uses of her powers, see the comments. Strength Physiology Considered physically perfect among the X-Men UXM63#323 Exercises every day by running from one end of the Xavier estate to the other twice within an hour, even when fresh out of the hospital UXM63#466 & 470 Striking Sends Maggot flying with a hit UXM63#349 Punches a person to send them flying across a field UXM63#457 Breaks punching bags off their chain and rips them open with a kick UXM12#8 Shatters a man's helmet apart with a kick UXM16#8 Kicks another punching bag apart UXM16#11 Embeds AoA Sabretooth's head into stone EXI#91 Embeds an opponent into concrete and metal EXI#94 Cracks concrete with a man's head PSY#2 Swings Daredevil into concrete, breaking it apart, then shatters a chunk of concrete with a punch AvX#4 Swinging Wrecks several pieces of furniture with one swing of a battleaxe CB76 #10 Swings an axe hard enough to shatter it CB76#10 Swings a 90 lb flail with one hand hard enough to smash a giant alt-reality Iceman. She was also holding a baby in her other hand XM13#6 Swings Morph hard enough to bowl over several ninja EXI#92 Bats someone into the ground hard enough to crack it NEXI#4 Flips a ninja over her head with one hand hard enough to smash a tombstone PSY#1 Lifting/Throwing Flings an attacker off her CB85#6 Throws a barbell across a room UXM63 #213 Runs while carrying Magneto in her arms UXM12#17 Pushes Morph off her hard enough to crack a crystal ceiling EXI#91 Durability Endurance Piercing A monster bites her arm and she creates a telekinetic tourniquet to keep fighting, eventually developing a fever but still utilizing her powers XM13#24 & 26 Survives seppuku and repeated failed attempts at killing herself, running, resisting others, and utilizing her powers as her body refuses to die UXF10#29 Fights through several slashes from Wolverine PSY#4 Old Man Logan slashes her leg and she responds with a telekinetic blast soon after AM#4 Concussive An energy rifle blasts through her helmet, causing her to crash a motorcycle. She then is shot by the same rifle again, but continues fighting even when the injury is exploited SoB After suffering a concussion her psi-knife still works UXF10#3 Various Shrugs off a punch and a slash and a beam of energy until several pinions infused with energy put her down XM91#105 Takes several pinions from Archangel and is kicked through thick stone before suffering a fall, only to come back during the same fight UXF10#18 Powers through pain of an energy blast to dodge a follow-up attack, using her TK to keep that and additional wounds closed while fighting NEXI#15 & 17 Concussive Falls Tackles Captain Britain through a window and gets up after landing CB76 #10 Falls from far above a city skyline with only Wolverine to cushion her, crashing through a building, and yet seems fine soon after landing FI#3 Shrugs off a considerable fall and keeps running UXF13#7 Lands comfortably from a 4 story fall AvX#4 Objective Crushed into a crystal floor and immediately fights back EXI#91 Shrugs off a stone-cracking/metal-warping hit to keep fighting EXI#94 Shrugs off hits from Sabretooth and falling off a roof UXM63#213 Has her own stone-shattering telekinesis reflect back at her and recovers soon after Should have been killed by a liver shot that also possibly ruptured her kidneys, but survives Scaling Tossed off Juggernaut's back and into a piece of debris, but gets back up UXM63#322 Fights through several hits from Sabretooth, but loses when nearly gutted UXM63#328 Telekinetically thrown into a rock by Legion and gets back up fighting UXM19#9 Takes a punch from AoA Blob he compares to being thrown 3 miles, but does not sustain lasting injury UXF10#15 & 16 Shakes off a hit from Bloodscream XMU#9 Energy KO'd by Harpoon's energy, but recovers soon after UXM63#221 Shrugs off Mandarin's impact beam and him throwing her into concrete hard enough to crack it UXM63#258 Dazzler melts half her face off and Psylocke stabs herself in the head with her psi-knife allowing her mind to return to Kwannon's body UXM63#511 Knocked out by electricity but back up a moment later UXM12#7 Knocked out by Genocide's energy blast alongside Magneto UXM16#7 Recovers quickly from an energy blast from Sunspot XM91#14 Misc. Resists freezing temperatures that killed a guard UXF13#8 Resists a psi-knife from a revenant of herself and kills it UXF13#11 Speed Sprinting Briefly outruns Sabretooth who outspeeds Wolverine UXM63 #213 Intercepts Sabretooth's strike before it hits a person across from him, then trades several blows with him UXM63#328 Crosses a rooftop and decapitates a vampire before it can bite Jean's neck JG Gunfire Blocks a gunshot precisely enough to free herself from bindings UXM63#272 Deflects a bullet IvX#2 Charges a gunman and deflects one of his bullets with her sword UXF10#5 Dodges a shot from Fantomex and gets the upper hand on him UXF13#9 Thrown projectiles Evades Magneto's projectiles, using them as stepping stones to charge and attack him UXM12#17 Easily evades Nightcrawler's snowballs XM91#109 Deflects a thrown knife XM13#15 Dodges thrown knives even while surprised PSY#2 Deflects Daredevil's thrown billy club, and fights evenly with him AvX Unnamed characters Rolls out of the way of an attack before her attacker lands and counterattacks UXM63#257 Slices a body several times before it falls XF14#3 Surprises a camp of men, downing several of them in rapid succession XF14#8 Decapitates a man before Cyclops rounds a corner, slices off a man's arm before he can pull a trigger, then slices off his other arm before he can pull a different trigger UXF10#5 Slices 3 soldiers' rifles before they can fire AM#5 Named characters, melee Flips out of Cannonball's grasp and kicks him UXM63#466 Saves Magneto from a teleporter appearing behind him UXM12#6 Overcomes Sabretooth in a melee without her powers XM91#29 Swordfights with a vampire and vampires arrow-timed and had quickdraws in the same issue XM10#25 Said to move with the speed of a striking cobra as she evades Captain Britain, using her telepathy to predict his moves EX88#55 Intercepts Jamie Braddock stabbing someone and stabs him before he can activate his powers EX88#56 Evades several strikes from Archangel UXF10#4 Punches Fantomex UXF10#12 Cuts Bishop and flips over him without him touching her UXF13#3 Gets in an extended fight with AoA Sabretooth and never takes a hit, even when surprised by him EXI#90 & 91 Trades blows with Spider-Man 2099 EXI#92 Easily evades Merlyn's strikes DBS#5 Named characters, range Dodges & deflects Riptide's projectiles XM91#34 Dodges attacks from a team of villains said to be as fast as Archangel, counterattacking before they can coordinate simultaneously, saying she has the advantage in speed and agility XM91#105 Dodges through a hologram of Archangel's pinions in a Danger Room session UXF10#2 Blocks Spider-Woman's venom blast with her psi-blade AvsX Various Warns Archangel of an oncoming missile they fly toward before it hits UXF10#7 Dodges a repulsor ray NEXI#3 Blocks a Sentinel's energy beam with her psi-blade CW#1 Skills Multiple opponents Fights several armed henchmen at once UXM63#257 Single handedly takes out a roomful of guards previously thought to require backup XF14#3 Takes out several Hand ninja JG 1v1 Overcomes Sabretooth in a melee without her powers and escapes his grapple XM91#29 Followed Typhoid Mary without being detected XM13#8 Outfights Typhoid Mary XM13#12 Overcomes Spiral in a swordfight UXF13#1 Beats Spiral again UXF13#6 Outfights a version of Slaymaster who killed several other realities' Psylockes, even while injured and using her powers to keep her wounds closed NEXI#17 Beats this Slaymaster again, also while suffering injuries SoB Outfights Yukio PSY#2 Gains the upper hand in a fight with Wolverine once she regains her focus PSY#4 Exchanges blows with Mystique UXM16#15 Gains the upperhand on Fantomex numerous times in a fight, although he does get hits in UXM16#8 Outfights a cyborg who is on fire XMU#47 A man who easily outfights her trains her until she can outfight him NEXI#8 & 9 Outfights a skilled four-armed opponent NEXI#14 Precision/Dexterity Slices the Achilles tendon on a giant so he falls on his ally, then slices Dark Beast's pectoral muscle to render his arm useless, then throws her sword through Archangel's torso & purposefully misses his heart by inches UXF10#14 Her telekinesis make all her more accurate than all other X-Men present for a snowball fight XM91#109 Navigates rooftops deftly, leaping onto and traversing wires while running UXF10#28 Slips past guards & security systems, picking locks and neutralizing alarms NEXI#10 Skilled moments Uses a counterable attack to obscure an uncounterable attack, and impales someone so precisely they will die a slow death UXM16#19 Kicks Wolverine in a nerve bundle to buy herself moments UXF10#8 Kicks a gun up from the ground to her hands and fires UXF10#16 Statements Utilizes her Hand training, identifying her as a "master assassin, " and recovers gracefully from falls UXM63#261 Considered as effective but more graceful fighter than Wolverine UXM63#271 Trains on the Danger Room's "lethal" setting as a form of relaxation and moves through it instinctively XM91#31 Psi-Weapons KO, Unnamed characters KOs a ninja by short circuiting his cerebral neurons UXM63#257 Stuns a man even through his helmet UXM63#525 KOs a man with a warped mind UXM16#8 KO's a man for hours XM10#35 Throws several knives to knock out 4 men XM13#16 Works as well on sharks as people XMU#9 KOs a man whose mind was painful to read PSY#3 KO, Named characters KOs Wolverine and reads his mind UXM63#257 KOs Havok, but not Cameron Hodge (though she clarifies the knife can kill) UXM63#271 KOs Iceman and Polaris UXM63#280 Barely breaks past Juggernaut's psi-resistant helmet, hurting him and linking his mind with Psylocke's UXM63#322 Briefly KOs Jean Grey XM91#20 KOs Iron Man through his armor CoC#2 Works on Sebastian Shaw, despite his energy absorption abilities GH KOs War after he lowers his guard despite her brain being bruised UXF10#3 Incapacitates Wolverine UXF10#1 Piercing/Slicing Statements Stuns the living bodies it slices through while cutting metal apart UXM63#456 Said it's possible it can cut through anything XM91#105 Cuts Ronan the Accuser XMU#29 Cuts through armor and energy shields, but wielded deftly enough to avoid hurting the men wearing them XXM#1 Materials Slashes a hole through a wall XM13#12 Manifests to break out of bindings on her wrists EX01#1 Cuts a hole through the thick hull of an aircraft XF14#1 Slices through steel bars XF14#11 Cuts through the hull of a submarine XXM#2 Slices the barrels of 3 machine guns in one swipe AM#5 Robots/Cyborgs Slices through several robots UXM63#460 Bisects a Prime Sentinel who became immune to the psychic threat her blade posed XM91 Annual 2000 Stabs through Prime Sentinels CW#1 Splits a robot vertically NI Breaking mind control Breaks Jean Grey out of mind control UXM63#273 Purges a Brood consciousness from Ghost Rider's mind XM91#9 Frees several people from mind control UXF13#2 Frees her teammates from mental inhibitions on their powers UXM63#458 Frees a mind that was trapped for eons UXM63#474 Frees Storm of mind control UXM19#10 Mind/Memory alteration Incapacitates Shinobi Shaw, digging through his memories XM91#29 Said to reopen years of painfully repressed memories XM91 Annual 3 Absorbs the technical expertise of a man that allows her to hack into his robots XM10#23 Alters Fantomex's personality XF14#15 Erases an artificial intelligence so the Shadow King is trapped in the lifeless body of a robot UXF10#34 Kills Matsuo while she alters his perceptions PSY#4 Cuts out the traumatic experiences of war veterans XML13#14 Telepathy Direct offense KO, Unnamed characters Mind blasts a man powerfully enough to kill him and leave his corpse smoking CB85#6-7 KOs 3 men despite their psychic defenses hurting her when she tries to alter their memories UXM63#237 Mind blasts men while fighting UXM16#1 Briefly reads a mind as he psi-blasts it UXM16#15 Mind blasts 3 men simultaneously while fighting and does so to more at a greater distance XF14#2 Mind blasts more men XF14#3 KO, Named characters Blasts Wolverine back, saying she could have crippled or killed him UXM63#214 Cannot sense Juggernaut's thoughts, but can detect those encountering him, but later mindblasts him even while he wears his psi-resistant helmet and then KOs him when the helmet is removed UXM63#218 Interrupts the psychic Psynapse's telepathic attack with her mind blast while fighting a different opponent UXM16#4 Briefly drops Archangel's Dark Angel persona, although he soon recovers UXF10#18 KOs Human Torch FvX#2 Paralysis Paralyzes a man, and says she could kill him as easily as turning off a switch PSY#1 Paralyzes Arclight UXM63#240 Paralyzes Barbarus UXM63#249 Paralyzes Mandarin's arm UXM63#258 Sleep Puts a man to sleep UXM16#1 Makes a roomful of people fall asleep at once, including her teammates on X-Force XF14#3 Forces Archangel to sleep UXF10#8 Puts AoA Storm to sleep, but fails to affect AoA Wolverine UXF10#13 Puts X to sleep AM#9 Mind control Forces Wipeout to restore 2 mutants' powers UXM63#238 Summons a T-Rex to attack her opponent UXM16#19 Makes several cats flee XF14#4 Forces Marrow to go sicko mode on bad guys XF14#6 Commands Wolverine to stop fighting UXF10#11 Forces AoA Blob to run himself off a cliff UXF10#13 Forces Captain Britain to murder his brother UXF10#23 Takes over Gateway's mind during his dying moments to teleport herself and her team to safety UXF10#28 Turns a mind-controlled opponent to her side to help even the odds against a mob UXF13#2 Influences 2 military officials and other soldiers into allowing her safe passage PSY#1 Sharing information Volume Says she needs to consciously block out the thoughts of millions of people while in a city UXM63 #246 Communicates with her team and scans all the minds in a town, confirming all were wiped blank XM91#18 When her powers first manifested she had difficulty shutting out the thoughts of 16. 3 million people UXF13#3 Distance Makes contact with the Blackbird in the cloud line while on the ground UXM16#1 Communicates with Storm from across a city XM10#21 From the Blackbird overhead, maintains contact with Colossus underwater as he travels over 80 knots XM10#30 From a cruise ship detects a submarine following XM10#34 Cassandra Nova boxes her in from telepathically transmitting messages beyond Los Angeles, with Psylocke noting that the barrier extends for miles UXF13#13 Communicates with teammates throughout an expansive moon base XF91#18 Scans and identifies every person on Muir Island UXM63#216 Scans a hospital from across a street and scans the surrounding neighborhood, identifying specific individuals in both UXM63#221 Scans every living person in a town while maintaining telepathic contact UXM63#229 Detects hostiles surrounding a hospital UXM63#235 Teamwork Helps her team coordinate their attacks UXM63#247 Warns a teammate of an incoming attack UXM6#249 Identifies a Horseman of Apocalypse and says others are surrounding them UXF10#2 Identifies the powers of those attacking her UXF10#3 Links with a blind teammate so they can see through her eyes UXM63#227 Prediction Predicts her opponent's moves in a fight UXM63#257 Predicts Captain Britain's movements in combat, although he possibly exploits this to get a hand on her EX88#55 Knows a suicide bomber will pull the trigger before they do UXF10#5 Technical expertise Connects the minds of her team so they share the perceptions of 1 member UXM63#230 Crosses languages barriers UXM63#255 Absorbs and shares information UXM63#271 Downloads the schematics of a building from someone's mind XM10#33 Helps others overcome a language barrier XM91 Annual 1 Transmits a visualization of something in another man's mind too technical for her to understand to an expert XM10#23 Interrogation Pulls the memories from a person being interrogated UXM63#236 Pulls the location of a boss out of a thug's mind PSY#2 Reads the minds of a ship's crew and determines they don't know anything useful UXM63#268 While exhausted, reads the emotional tone of alien creatures with no higher-level intelligence UXM12#5 Scans several guards' minds for information XM10#21 Senses Sight Compensates for blindness CB85#14 Senses that Colossus is alive when a doctor could not UXM63 #212 Immune to a flashbang because she can see with her telepathy UXM63#268 Detects someone behind her while blind NM Annual 2 Radial awareness Typically warned by her telepathy of intruders UXM63#248 Detects Gambit before he arrives, and senses that he poses some danger UXM63#323 Detects 3 approaching attackers UXM16#3 Detects Wolverine lurking outside WO#91 Altering perceptions Illusions Starts to convince Blob to move, and fools a speedster into thinking she was standing elsewhere when he attacked, but surprised by someone else UXM63 #225 Fools an opponent into attacking their teammate instead of Psylocke UXM63#241 Makes a thug believe he gunned her down so she can close the distance to him UXM63#257 Creates an illusion of herself to sneak up on an opponent in hand-to-hand UXM63#261 Alters how others perceive her and her teammates' appearances so they seem normal UXM63#512 Makes several Wild Child clones believe they are feasting on her corpse so she and her team can pass them by safely UXM12#17 Clouds a flier's mind so he flies straight into a brick wall XM91#1 Fools Omega Red into thinking he had activated his powers XM91#6 Makes Iron Man believe she is using Mandarin's rings against him, but he gains the upperhand CoC#1 Invisibility Hides herself and Magneto from a distracted crowd, and reads Magneto's mind while he wears his helmet UXM16#3 Makes herself invisible to Stryfe XM91 Annual 2000 Kills men in front of Cyclops and Magneto while masking her presence from them UXF10#5 Disguises herself as Sabretooth and renders her teammates invisible to Mystique UXF10#31 Misdirects a party of people away from a large ship FI#1 Keeps a guard from noticing her over a security camera UXF13#8 Non-visual sensory input Turns off Fantomex's hearing and pain receptors so he becomes immune to an opponent's power UXF10#3 Reroutes the psychic pain from one person into her attacker UXF10#5 Turns off Wolverine's pain receptors UXF10#14 Turns off Deadpool's pain receptors UXF10#32 Eases Storm's pain while quelling Wolverine's rage FvX#2 Karma attempts to soothe Sunder's pain, but the backlash causes them both ylocke then soothes both mutants simultaneously NM#46 Induces selective aphasia in Marrow so she cannot swear and undoes it quickly XF14#3 Memories Alters the minds of emergency responders so they will remember idealized super heroes in her team's place later UXM63#218 Edited Havok's memories, although his psychic defenses eventually undid the editing UXM63#219 Obscures her team's identities from several prisoners UXM63#238 Edits the memories of police officers to believe they're firing on Iron Man and Thor UXF13#7 Puts Archangel to sleep with her psi-knife and erases a man's memory UXF10#10 Telekinesis Blasts People Pushes the X-Men back, and Rachel Grey says her own telekinesis could not match Psylocke's UXM63#455 Blasts back a couple people UXM63#458 Blasts Fantomex from across the room UXM16#8 Sends out a radial blast on the ground, knocking over several men XF14#8 Blasts over several men XF14#11 Objects Blows a door off its hinges and swings it into some guards UXM16#8 Busts through a brick wall and restrains a giant XM91#102 A telekinetic blast deflects and destroys a large wall of ice NE#2 Blasts a robot apart XF08#27 Blasts a ninja, shattering his sai and rending his robes PSY#1 People & Objects Embeds Rogue into a brick wall, then wraps it around her XXM#3 Lifts herself and an opponent into the air without the opponent realizing, then launches the opponent several meters so they crash through thick crystal structures EXI#91 Blasts Wolverine into stone, cracking it, and summons her sword to her PSY#4 Blasts Old Man Logan off a skyscraper and craters him into the street below AM#4 Shields Objects Guards from gunfire UXM63#467 Blocks gunfire from an aircraft XF08#26 Shields from an opponent lunging at her NEXI#14 Shields from magnetic attacks comparable to Magneto's NEXI Annual 1 Energy Contains Cecelia Reyes' powers that were punching holes in the Danger Room UXM63#389 Shields from a blast of plasma XXM#3 Blocks an energy blast for a teammate across the room EXI#98 Shields from Merlyn's magical blasts DBS#5 Bubbles Around herself Shields from Magneto ripping apart the building around her UXM16#19 Dives into the ocean from a flying jet and creates an air bubble XM13#10 Resists fire that explodes out a building, and the same flames were hot enough to melt metal knives PSY#3 Around others Snags Nocturne in a bubble UXM63#463 Traps someone in a bubble but it gets broken XM91#106 Creates a forcefield around she and her teammates to hold off monsters XM13#24 Protects herself and allies from a building collapsing atop them NEXI#15 Protects herself and several others from Gambit exploding the floor of a building from underneath them AM#5 Protects herself and teammates from a skyscraper collapsing atop them XML08#243 Precision Locks X-23's muscles in place to paralyze her UXM63#459 Compresses a piece of iron into smaller denser projectiles UXM63#473 Shatters Fantomex's ceramic psi-shielding so she can read his mind UXM16#8 Directs an opponent's toxic breath into his ally's face UXM16#15 Tears apart an energy field on a quantum level EX01#1 Gives a man a stroke, crushing portions of his brain NE#8 Tries to snap Mojo's neck, but fails because he doesn't have one XF14#12 Lifting/Throwing People Throws Colossus as easily as a tennis ball XM91#106 Moves Rogue's body off a boat and to the top of an island EX19#2 Throws Marrow at a target XF14#14 Tosses Luke Cage into an upper story window IW#4 Catches Archangel before he hits the ground CW#4 Objects Uproots trees and throws them at Magneto UXM16#19 Upends the floor beneath an opponent she cannot grab directly XM91#102 Moves large pieces of debris and creates a makeshift seawall XM91#105 Helps land a jet, despite suffering from injuries and a fever XM13#26 Forms a giant hand out of rocks she collapses on a target EX01#3 Throws a tank hard enough to upend some of the ground XMU#29 Lifts a large pieceof debris XXM#1 People & Objects Holds a space shuttle together on reentry for a prolonged period of time, and safely extracts her team upon landing XM91#100 & 101 Protects herself and another from an explosion and hurls them from Manhattan to the Jersey Shore on sheer momentum hard enough to create a hole in the ground XM91#105 Flight Propels herself and her teammates into battle XXM#1 Whisks her and her teammates away from an attack UXM63#461 Flies on "equal terms" with Archangel XM91#105 Briefly keeps up with Rogue, but pushes herself too hard and runs out of power XM91 Annual 2000 Early on said it could not fly her across the Pacific Ocean IW#2 Flew up to the edge of space to track fliers using air currents NEXI#3 Flies to the edge of space and halfway around the world, and could have flown the other half as well NEXI#7 Cont'd Below.

Great show, great discussion. You've pinpointed exactly what's happened. The so-called New Left of the 1960s, which was the main vehicle for introducing what we now call Cultural Marxism, was designed to destroy the traditional Old Left. The whole thing is a internationalist-capitalist conspiracy financed by Rothschild fronts like Rockefeller and Soros. The key insight here is that, in the heyday of full employment and strong trades unions, the Old Left was getting rather too successful for the powers that be. They had to find a way to dismantle it. Ending full employment and introducing permanent mass unemployment was a first step, which started with economist Milton Friedman's famous presidential address in 1968 and found its first official expression in the 1970 OECD report, Inflation: Our Present Problem. The manufactured oil crisis of 1973-74 provided the opportunity to put this mass unemployment scheme into practice. That's the economic part of it. The other part was about replacing the Old Left's socio-economic orientation with the New Left's obsession with challenging the norms of society. The purpose was to shift the focus of the debate from budget issues to bisexuality, so to speak. As we can all see, this plan succeeded eminently. Since the mid-1970s, mass unemployment has become a more-or-less permanent feature of Western society, and the entire public discourse has moved away from socioeconomic questions of wages, benefits, pensions, job security and such, and towards a never-ending quibble about a myriad of invented minorities, which are supposedly suffering under the oppression of traditional society. So we can all see what's happened, what's going on today, and where we are headed in future. Those questions aren't all that difficult to answer. The difficult question that remains reads: How do we break this regime? That's where I hear no answers, and I also, admittedly, have no answer.

What a brave and kind man. Windows on the World free download. Trees absorb co2 that's a fact but there is too much going on right now that our planet is fighting. Chemtrailing, weather manipulation, water pollution, our ozone layer. These are all man made on corporate levels. Please don't state things you have no understanding of. Look around your globe and see the evidence. Attenborough will rub shoulders with the money makers, how else is he going to find investors to fund and fix the problems we are facing.

Windows on the world free download ios. I was extremely lucky and got to visit in 2001 nyc and went on top of the World Trade Center one of them. I was 10 years old. Then the next year at 11 years old they got knocked down. Rip all the innocent people 🙏. Still cant believe this is 18 years ago. I was 12 and just coming back from school in manchester uk and remember coming home and this was on the tv. RIP TO EVERYONE AFFECT ON THAT DAY. Bcuz the windows were a little wider than shoulder-width, there was a feeling of comfort & safety. Without that, it would've been scary as hell up there.

Anyone else going to the Oxford event? I've got my ticket sorted, see you there. Windows on the world free download music. I've heard witnesses, he watched people looking confused and blinded, falling out of the building. They did not jump. The fell. The others who fell, were on fire. No choice but to fall from the buildings. Bless them. These veggie buggers want people to be culled, they are a death cult and what kind of public order laws will be brought in, its all a scam,atb from a guy that farts as much as a cow from glasgow scotland. The Bishop.

Great program, Mark. I remember listening to a Bill Cooper podcast (from the 90's) some time ago and he was talking about the plan to enslave humanity under the pretext of environmentalism and human rights. Windows on the world free download mac. Sounds great from Chronicle review. Should be seen. Random Bits of Info [they] heard: Capcom: One of the future DLC characters for Smash is a Capcom Rep but they are pulling a SE by sending out a ton of different names. I’ve heard Dante, Phoenix Wright and even Arthur Capcom is working on more Megaman games. They included Megaman 12, X9, and a Legends 1 & 2 Remake Collection. X9 specifically is a Stadia timed exclusive for 1 year Dino Crisis is getting a remake to try and test interest in the IP - A new MH game is coming that is exclusive to Switch and will use some of the new features and ideas Monster Hunter World introduced Marvel Vs Capcom 4 does exist but very little is know besides it’s definitely next gen. Street Fighter 5 DLC is planning to wrap up in 2020 so they can start on SF6 for next gen systems Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is coming to Switch Konami: Rouge Corps did so bad that the DLC is possibly being cancelled and the Contra IP is being shelved indefinitely - Bloodstained is forbidden to be talked about in the offices - Mobile versions of there pachinko machines are coming - Bomberman Heros and 64 are getting a remake collection exclusive to Switch Activision/Blizzard: Mobile department at Blizzard is amping up production ten fold and expect a lot more Blizzard mobile games, including a Warcraft mobile game in the style of Pokémon Go, and an Overwatch mobile game is being fast tracked after the success of Call of Duty Mobile Starcraft FPS is being considered for a revival as since Destiny is no longer being made with them, Activision needs a new sci-fi schlooter New Crash game is being made, takes heavy inspiration from the classic games and the title is even being considered to be called Crash Bandicoot 4. Black Ops 5 is full steam ahead Pro Skater Remake of 1 and 2 is real, should be a 2021 launch Skylanders is getting revived but the figures are not coming back, instead there being replaced with a gatcha system and it’s going to be free to start mobile title. Ubisoft: Mario + Rabbids 2 does exist and is progressing very well. It’ll release in 2020. It will also have Rayman as a major part of the game’s story in it. BG&E2 is not progressing well at all. It looks rough and it barely runs at all. Only good things I can say is that the pre rendered cutscenes all look really good and that the story is planned out The delays of R6Q, G&M, and WDL, are all to get them to be ported to next gen as to be cross gen titles Next AC is viking themed and brings back the boat features from Black Flag New 2D Rayman in the works, uses same artstyle and engine as Legends and Origins. Also a new 3D Rayman is being prototyped. Rockstar: - Bringing GTA 3, San Andres, Vice City, Red Dead Redemption 1, Bully, and GTA5 to Switch. GTA5 will be one of the first games to use the 64 GB cartridges. Bully 2 is going to be announced some time in 2020. It’s set in a college town. GTA6 is in production for next gen systems. It’s going to be set in the entire state of Florida, where you can travel through the entire state. Sony has in fact payed for timed exclusivity for 6 months after launch. They payed a hefty fee for it. This time it will also feature a women as one of the three main protagonists. Xbox Game Studios/Microsoft: New Fable game is the big announcement for E3 this year, it’s exclusive to the Series X, no Xbox One port Halo Infinite will get its first gameplay trailer before E3 Hellblade 2 gets gameplay at E3 Cuphead DLC is Xbox timed exclusive for 3 months Remake of Banjo Kazooie and Tooie coming to the Series X and Xbox One Series X will be $499 and comes bundled with Halo Infinite, which launches the same day Ton of games getting Series X enhancement updates which allow them to look even better and run faster. First one to get this update will be Gears 5 They’re going to be buying a Japanese studio but after that they’ve decided to take a break from buyouts to save money to invest more in development of games. Push for more diversity of genre in their exclusives - Halo 1, 2, 3, Reach, and Rare Replay all coming to Switch - Game Pass will be combined with Project XCloud and create a streaming and downloading service called Game Pass X. You can stream and download to play any game in the library of Game Pass X, although downloading only works on consoles -Windows 10 will work on Series X, but only to browse the web Region locking is gone on Series X, and the Series X is backwards compatible with every Xbox disc ever Sony: Spider-Man 2 is a PS5 exclusive and will be announced at E3 2019 Speaking of which Sony has decided to return to E3 but no press conference, just a State of Play and a booth on the showfloor PS5 is $499, no region locking, and is backwards compatible with every PlayStation disc ever PSVR will work with the system but not much is planned for it in terms of new games besides a sequel to Astro Bot Last of Us 2 will get an upgraded port for PS5 on launch -Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is a launch title for PS5 Nintendo: No information on Smash besides the Capcom DLC and that I only know because of a Capcom source. Smash leaks seem to have dried up. Animal Crossing Switch Lite variant is coming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes are next year’s Pokémon games and will have the ability to transfer every Pokémon to that game after the backlash of SwSh, which while it didn’t effect sales, was considered a PR blunder internally Tomodachi Life sequel is coming Was some rumors that they were interested in buying out Level 5 but nothing concrete Bethesda: Fallout 4 port for Switch, uses 64 GB cartridge Fallout 76 is still being worked on and the plan is to try and make a come back somehow Starfield is planned to get a full reveal at E3, and is set to launch in 2022 Fallout 5 has started early planning and prototyping. Don’t expect it for at least 3 years New Vegas will be getting an HD remaster on all platforms, including switch, as a sort of apology to Fallout fans after the 76 disaster. It’ll include all the DLC. Eternal was delayed mainly to fix the multiplayer which has been very buggy and laggy. They do not want a repeat of the 76 launch and are making sure the online features and multiplayer works as best it can. The Switch port is planned for the Fall. SEGA: Sonic Adventure Remake is coming Mania 2 is a 2020 title, and is pretty much almost done Team Sonic Racing major DLC update with new characters and tracks, including an appearance from AiAi from Super Monkey Ball Dreamcast SEGA Ages titles finally happening - Super Monkey Ball 1, 2, and 3 are getting HD remakes, and will be released on Switch first as a timed exclusive in 2021 Chao Garden Mobile is like the chao garden from SA2 but with a more mobile friendly design and a gatcha system for variant chaos Google/Stadia: 3D Platformer staring the Dinosaur from the offline dinosaur game Lots of studios pulling out and ending stadia support and Google is fighting hard to get some to stay The only reason X9 is stadia timed exclusive is because Google payed big time for it Google doesn’t seem to be ending support of the project for at least 2 years but after that the future of stadia is uncertain They have noted the ads are cringe inducing and are bad, and plan to try a new strategy for them New color scheme for the controller is coming: Silver and Gold Netherrealm: -Injustice 3 is going to be the first next gen title from them MK11 Port to PS5 and Series X Marvel Vs DC is being floated around with Marvel but it likely won’t happen Future MK11 DLC includes Goro, Doomslayer, and Ed Boon himself as a free joke character Edit: Updated format because of complaints. To emphasis: I just got this from a pastebin leak, format and all. There is a lot that is questionable but I shared it here because it was an interesting read.

Windows on the world free download video. Windows on the world free download windows. Watch the FULL documentary here. 20 years of research! Perhaps Edmund needs to spend another 6 days to research the truth about the bible. Windows on the world free download computer. Windows on the World free download software. As per the title; the resources list on this subreddit's FAQ is woefully out of date, as many resources are no longer accessible or have gone on hiatus. Those that are and are free are not always particularly conducive to learning and have room for improvement. Let me run through the current FAQ and list them out: Online Game Servers KGS Go Server, Pandanet IGS, Dragon Go Server (turn based), World Baduk Service, Tygem Baduk: These are all game servers that require downloading clients. None of these have any learning resources that are accessible; the World Baduk Service's learning resources are all dependent on Flash, which is supposed to be being phased out. : In addition to being a game server, OGS has puzzles, but it's difficult to find appropriate ones and usually the puzzle sets don't come with good explanation. Your best recourse is the chat, but a commenting system or an attached Go AI would do wonders here. Standalone Programs Igowin (Windows, iPhone): The free versions are no longer available on iOS, and Igowin's tutorial no longer works on Windows 10. Go Widget (Mac dashboard game): I don't have a Mac, so I can't comment. GO++: No learning resources. The Many Faces of Go: Not free, and I haven't tried the free trial yet. MoGo (via Sensei's Library): Unavailable. Problem Solving GoChild: No instructions whatsoever. Difficult to tell what the goal of each problem is. In one problem I came across, the correct solution was not to capture stones using as few of your stones as possible, but to capture stones using exactly five of your stones. Go Problems: Stats reset unless you pay, making it difficult to track progress. There's a commenting system, but not enough people use it to give problem explanations for it to be significantly useful. tsumego collections (PDF format): No solutions or explanations at all; this isn't good pedagogy! Also, I think the order of some of these problems isn't optimal and could be improved. (In general, a lot of the time, the attitude I come across when trying to ask for solutions/explanations to problems is "git gud, learn by suffering, and read absolutely everything". This attitude is really gatekeepy and is bound to turn many people off from learning Go. ) Joseki Training Daily Joseki, Josekipedia, EidoGo: These all seem OK as joseki explorers. However, I would also like to see some interactive joseki tutorials walking people through joseki, quiz-style, with explanations. Library Resources Sensei's Library: Good, but very disorganized. Could do with a lot of tidying up. GoLibrary: Defunct. Commented Games The Go Teaching Ladder (game review service): Needs a client to view games. Also, no new games are being commented here. Go Game World: No new games being commented. GoLibrary Commented Games, GoCommentary: Defunct. Gokifu (professional games): Not commented. Lessons / Lectures Advanced Study Room: Defunct. Learn Go UK: Only covers the very basics. Interactive Way To Go: Only covers the very basics. Also, many diagrams no longer work, and the Life and Death section is essentially defunct. Internet Go School: Not free. Bat's lectures, Unofficial archive of Lance's Go Dojo, BadukMovies: Video lectures. They look fine, but I haven't looked in detail. Regional Associations American Go Association, British Go Association: OK. They also have their own resource pages. Bay Area Go Players Association (Northern California): Defunct. Forums /r/baduk: That's where we are right now; I'm not sure I understand the point of this link? Go Game Guru: In Indonesian, and there's no forum. Life in 19x19: Looks OK, haven't checked in detail. Blogs Antti Törmanen's blog, Igo The Unlimited Game, RANKA - blog of the IGF, Shodan Challenge - Because It's There, : Hiatus. Learn To Play Go - Samarkand Go Academy: Website contains no information, essentially defunct. Merchandise Kurokigoishiten Co., Ltd. (Japan), Yellow Mountain Imports (California): Looks good. Keep. News Kin's Go News: Current. Go news and sensations (Go server news and games of interest): On hiatus: last news item was in 2013. Web Comics Almost sente, the Empty Triangle: Both are on hiatus. I think the lack of good resources is seriously disappointing and I think the Go community can do much better to support the learning of beginners. In this particular case, at the very least, the resources page should be updated to remove the nonexistent resources, and should also indicate the target difficulty of resources where appropriate. I also think that Go problem websites and their communities can and should improve their interface to allow for better sorting of problems, and should provide better explanations of problems. If you can think of any other good free resources with good explanations, please link them in the comments; I'd love to find out about them!

RIP Hal David. How long must they cry, we still ask. Windows on the World is an engaging film that captures viewers attention and relates the reality of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. It is a must watch. Windows on the world free download free. Windows on the World, despite the fact that it takes place in the weeks following the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, is a film that is urgently for our time. It is a hero's journey of a son trying to find his father in that grief-stricken landscape and the characters stand in for the millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, who contribute in their everyday lives, to the American landscape. The film seeks to counter the narrative that's all-too-prevalent in today's political and media landscape by telling a story set in America's biggest and most diverse city, at its darkest time. The script by playwright and novelist Robert Mailer Anderson (who also produced the film) is wise and completely engaging; he creates indelible characters who are ultimately inspiring and uplifting. Edward James Olmos gives what he considers to be the performance of a lifetime, and the rest of the cast is terrific as well-with a special shout-out to Glynn Turman. The direction, by Olmos's son Michael, is sure-handed, getting terrific performances from his cast, including his father, in this father-son story, and it's beautifully lensed. The music, including jazz and a title track written by Anderson, is pitch-perfect, supporting the story without getting in the way. This film should be seen by everybody-and I'm sure it will be in mainstream distribution soon, as this is a time when, although the major studios may have turned their backs on substance, terrific indie films like this one have many other possible venues. If you can't see it at a film festival, like I did, keep a keen eye out for it. Terrific and inspiring.

1:02 lmfao his last name is nigro. Only this guy would jump and survive. One of my best friends ever. He didnt work there, but was in the restaurant that morning. RIP Caleb Arron Dack I love you. Thank you for kindly having me on Mark ! It was a pleasure to be on your show. Windows on the World free downloads. Liars lol. @caliguy92 oh... Heart breaking.

Bless this man and all the victims of 9/11. I don’t have a lot of time, so I couldn’t possibly explain the Anastasis Project in detail. All you need to know is that it was a bold and very well-funded venture, involving scientists, paleontologists, historians, programmers and a lot of other professionals from around the globe. As a relatively well-known historian, I had the privilege and the despair of being one of the department coordinators. The other heads were Dr. Vega, a brilliant scientist, Mr. Bisset, a friendly French paleontologist, and Miss Gagnon, a woman young enough to be my daughter, who developed a software and the neurotransmissors to upload modern language on the Neanderthals’ brains once they woke up, so we were all able to communicate. My name is Anne Lestrange, and I came to peace with the fact that there’s nothing else that I can do. I can only document what happened so in the future no one else will try again the same disastrous things we did. It’s bittersweet for a historian to die this way. *** It all started when a certain billionaire whose name I’ll omit got two nearly perfectly preserved Neanderthals on an auction. He then contacted Dr. Vega, his good friend. “You think you could reconstruct them and make them alive? ” Dr. Vega replied “with the right team and infinite budget, sure”. And the billionaire said “consider it done”. The scientist then asked what for. Of course, eccentric billionaires don’t need a good reason to waste their money and other people’s time, but then our boss’ reckless demeanor changed. “Because I want to ask them why they were extinct. ” Dr. Vega told this story over and over, always making it sound more impressive than the former. I confess that it gave me goosebumps on the first time; I always wanted to know it as well. The Neanderthals had been around for over 150, 000 years when they disappeared, and no one knows why. We scholars like to believe that they weren’t as adaptable as the Sapiens, but what could be best than asking them in person? It then became Dr. Vega’s project of a lifetime, and I was one of the first people to join him. Just to find the right team, it took him two years. We spent five more years working on bioengineering, historical research, and finally, how to reanimate them. Countless tests were performed in animals to determine the exact electric current that would force their axons to start working and their reconstructed hearts to pump oxygen through their bodies. Then today was the big day. The first test to try to bring them back to life. If this one failed to bring them to life, we’d need plenty of months, maybe years to understand what went wrong. If the electricity damaged their bodies, we’d probably never have the chance again. I wish we failed. I wish we never knew why and how they were gone. “I want the assistants and general staff out”, Dr. Vega yelled. He was a demanding and obnoxious short man, but I loved working with him because it was nothing personal; it was his way of accomplishing our goals. “Lestrange, Bisset, commands. You History people can push some buttons, right? ” Judy Gagnon rolled her eyes, but with a smile. “I prepared the conference room so the rest of the staff can watch us from there. ” I wish she wasn’t so kind. I wish she just sent them home for the day. We would have so much less blood on our hands now. “I’m a paleontologist. That’s not ‘history people’”, Mr. Bisset muttered dramatically, as he walked to his assigned panel. After saying some quick encouraging words to my team and sending them off, I headed to my panel too. “Doesn’t it worry you that they will have no soul, Madame Lestrange? ” François Bisset asked me. He had sweat on his forehead. “We can’t be sure that souls actually exist, Mr. Bisset, and I’m sure not even Dr. Vega could make an artificial one if they do”, I replied, calmly, although I was now slightly intrigued. If souls are real, then are our Neanderthals incomplete? Will the experiment work? “Language data ready to be transmitted”, Miss Gagnon announced with a firm voice, dissipating my negative thoughts. “Prepare subjects for electrical discharge”, Dr. Vega commanded, and the engine started positioning the two Neanderthals in 45°. Their arms, torso and legs were tied to some sort of hammock for safety – both theirs and ours. When the bodies started being reconstructed we couldn’t be entirely sure, but we suspected that both the subjects were females. Their bodies were exceptionally and intentionally well-preserved, so Mr. Bisset and I inferred that they were really important; probably queens or priestesses. I then nicknamed them Lilith and Eve – the two first women of the world in the Christian Mythology, although Lilith was mostly erased from the Bible for being too insubordinate to Adam; she still survived in obscure apocryphal scriptures, though. Lilith and Eve were both dressed in simple, shapeless robes, meant only to cover their nakedness. One of the girls from the Biotechnology sub-department had given them hair, because she feared that they’d be aware that they should have it; no one knew what to expect when they woke up. And no one could expect what would happen. “Starting countdown for discharge”, the monotone AI voice announced. Five. I took a deep breath, but it felt like my lungs suddenly didn’t know how to process air anymore. Four. I watched Judy Gagnon’s delicate hand tremble. Three. Dr. Vega bit a nail, unable to hide his anticipation. Two. Mr. François finished his prayer and crossed himself. One. Vega absent-mindedly stared at the fish tank that took up a whole wall. He had it installed on our main experimenting room because it calmed him down. Discharge activated. A blinding bolt of light filled the room. While the AI voice informed that the data download was now starting, I did my best to compose myself and regain my sight, so I could search for signs that the test worked – or that it didn’t. “Download completed”, the digital assistant announced, mere seconds later, and I saw Lilith’s hand twitching. *** We collectively held our breath until the two of them opened their eyes. All their organs came from Sapiens donors, except for the brain, that was completely reconstructed, as well as their outside – limbs and skin. “Ignis dominum”, Eve muttered full of fury, like an anathema. Her eyes were transfixed on Dr. Vega. We had no time to be amazed. She clasped her fists, and Dr. Vega was sent flying in her direction, all the while his trachea was being crushed. His dead body then fell like a stringless, blue marionette. “What the fuck? ” Judy screamed, running towards his corpse. Bisset let out a high-pitched shriek and hid under his assigned machinery. Eve started rising Judy in the air, but Lilith simply said, in a warning tone: “Woman. ” I couldn’t help but be stunned that it all worked. They came to life and they knew English – technically, their thoughts translated to English, and even to Latin, probably when they thought in a different language. But maybe Mr. Bisset was right and they didn’t have a soul; that’s why they reacted so violently. Eve then let go of Judy Gagnon, carefully putting her up on her feet. “Weird woman”, Eve called out Judy. “Why? ” “We’re not the same… species as you”, Judy replied nervously. As a computer programmer, she wasn’t exactly a social butterfly. Seeing her hesitation, I decided to take the lead. “We wanted to ask you”, I said, loud enough to make both the Neanderthals turn their gaze to me. “What happened to your people? ” Even though Dr. Vega was killed, and things were bad, this was still only one casualty. My logical brain could only think that after all this time I was the chosen one to ask the question that every historian ever wanted to ask. The moment felt grandiose, sacred even. Eve looked calmer, but bitter. “Your men afraid our powers”, Lilith replied. “Killed all us women using-” “No! ” Eve screamed, interrupting her. “We not kill women but their women still enemy”. “After we die, men perish. Our kind end this generation. ” “I’m really sorry”, I said, not being able to think of anything else. I was indeed sorry for the violence they went through. “Why we here? ” Lilith asked, looking into my eyes. Despite her slightly beastly features, she was beautiful; the eyes and hair we gave her really matched nicely. They had no idea that they were miracles of science; they barely knew what science was, other than vaguely knowing this word from Judy’s vocabulary. “Because we wanted to understand how your people disappeared”, Mr. Bisset replied, coming out of the shadows. “Our people… no exist more? ” Lilith asked. I braced myself for tragedy as I saw Eve’s furious reaction. Her eyes gleamed in rage as she roared, clenching her fists really tight. With a loud thump, Mr. Bisset’s body and head fell. Separately. Eve had squeezed him to the point of making his body fall apart. And she didn’t even need to be freed from the shackles. Somehow, she was able to damage other people’s bodies without even touching them, just manipulating it from a distance, somehow. “You… horse-people… destroy... all! ” Eve finally yelled after a heavy moment of silence. Horse-people… did the Sapiens went to war with them, and won because they were faster? Of course, animals hadn’t been tamed during the short time span of our coexistence, but maybe it was an exception? Maybe a few Sapiens were able to incite wild horses against the Neanderthals? While my anthropology-oriented brain conjectured, Judy was quick to act. “Assistant, terminate subjects! ” she commanded. “Checking all terminals. All terminals are functional. Preparing destructive discharge”, the monotone computer voice replied. The eyes of the two Neanderthals gleamed with awareness. They knew what we were trying to do. “No tricking! ” Eve screamed, as she launched the whole wall-sized fish tank towards the machines, short-circuiting them. The fish tank was built-in on the wall, so it would be more accurate to say that she broke the whole thing, sending shards, water and the fishes flying across the room. How did you know how to damage them, your pre-historical bitch? “Terminals 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 malfunctioning. Activating emergency mode. All entrances and exits locked. ” Luckily, both Judy and I were wearing lab coats and protective glasses. We shielded our faces with our arms, and none of us got seriously injured. As the two of us recovered from the unexpected bath of fish-scented water and glass, there was a loud, desperate knock on the door. “Anne? It’s me, Kathy. All the men in the conference room suddenly died”. *** I rushed out of the room with Kathy. She was hysterical, after watching over half of her co-workers die. I wanted Judy to leave with me, but I knew that this would upset Eve even more. “You go and calm people down, I’ll try to get our answers”, my colleague whispered, in Spanish. She hadn’t programmed the Neanderthals to understand it. I was welcomed in the conference room by the most heart-wrenching and gruesome scene I have ever seen. All around the males I saw every day, worked with, joked with, were just corpses, their faces still and forever contorting in pain. Women were crying, cradling the lifeless heads of her peers and friends on their laps. No one was watching the TV that showed the main experimenting room. So I was the only one who paid attention as Judy tried to reason with Eve, and the Neanderthal demanded to be freed. “You help revenge”, Lilith ordered, moving her hands and throwing Judy against one of the damaged computers. “Or you suffer. ” “Anne, I’ll buy us time. Destroy this room somehow”, Judy begged in Spanish. “Dr. Vega installed a system that lets out sulfur mustard in that room”, an older lady from the science department informed me, still teary. “It was to kill them in case they went berserk. ” “Okay, this helps. But look at their power… I’m afraid it won’t be fast enough, and we only have one chance to surprise them. ” How did the Sapiens kill them, even though the women were so powerful? I know Lilith said something helpful. Think. “…killed all us women using…” “ignis dominum” The way Eve threw the fish tank like it was nothing. How do they control people’s bodies? What in people’s bodies make them exert control over it? Water. The Neanderthal women can freely control water. So the Sapiens killed them with the thing that made us a superior species; the way we instinctively killed witches across the millennia. With fire. *** “Is sulfur mustard flammable? ” I asked aloud. One of the ladies from the biochemistry division replied that it isn’t. “Can any of you replace the sulfur mustard with something flammable and throw the fucking flames of hell on those Neanderthal bitches? ” “Absolutely”, a sturdy girl replied. “Someone just needs to show me where. ” This gave our surviving team a sense of hope. I coordinated some girls and together they headed to the reservoir. I then sent all the remaining programmers to the Control Room. Maybe they could fix the system, or at least part of it – enough to deactivate the lockdown. It’s been an hour since I started writing this. Judy bravely endured the injuries, refusing to release Eve and Lilith. I don’t know if Judy realized that their power is to control water, but I know that she knows that freeing them from that room means that they’ll make it outside and kill thousands, probably millions of people. Our facility is on an isolated location, surrounded by a body of water from all sides except for one. It’s a matter of looking through the window to see it, and they would use all this water to destroy the building. Maybe we won’t die. Maybe for a miracle the tech people will restore the system. But we all have accepted our deaths as punishment for playing God. The fire just started. I’m not sure if Judy is still alive – she wasn’t moving lately – and I don’t know what’s worse, being beaten or burning to death. It seems to be working, as both Eve and Lilith let out guttural screams and cursed at me. The room I’m in is very close to there. It’s quickly getting hot and steamy in here. None of the terminals are fixed yet. The men's corpses are starting to smell. The Neanderthals were so scary. At first I felt bad for Lilith and Eve, but now I’m glad we exterminated them. My only wish is that this time we got rid of every last one of them for good.

I dined here 10 times with 9 different young my ex-wife twice (the others were pre and post marriage. I now live in the DC area, and though there is a thriving dining scene, nothing can come close to the Window's experience. I had a very expensive dinner at a famous steakhouse here recently that had no outside view at all. Compare that to the mind-blowing visuals here. Of course in Windows, that view of midtown that I remember so fondly, was a tragic and fatal one on that last morning. Windows on the world free download youtube. Heartwarming movie with a of powerful message! Highly recommend. Windows on the World Free download. I made a quick spreadsheet program for the Hc formula you show, and it works for the above example, where the hemisphere is 'same. How do you adjust the formula when the GP for the Sun and the AP for the observer are in different hemispheres? Is it as simple as putting a negative sign in front of declination? For some reason I'm getting strange results when I input data from a previous example.

That's literally from a horror movie. 😢.

Free Windows on the World PutLocker

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